Star Crossed Nail Polish


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Starrily Star Crossed Nail Polish: 

• Deep purple base filled with small glitter
• Best applied in 1-2 coats
• Glitter dries matte, must be used with a clear topcoat


Envision a night sky that refuses to align, where stars gleam not in harmony, but in splendid, misaligned, chaotic brilliance. "Star Crossed" is a tribute to those who walk a different path in love and life, who find their sparkle not in traditional tales of romance, but in the unique narratives they write for themselves. Wearing "Star Crossed" is a bold statement of independence, a celebration of love in its myriad forms, and a reminder that the most captivating stories are often those that are star-crossed.

★ Certified vegan & cruelty-free nail polish
★ Made in the USA. 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz

Tip: Always start with a base coat and finish with a clear topcoat.

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