Monochrome Floral Nail Sticker

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Product Description

Nail art made easy! Add a touch of elegance to your nails with the Monochrome Floral Nail Stickers. Featuring black and white floral designs with delicate leaves and hearts, these stickers make creating stunning nail art a breeze. Make a statement with our easy-to-use nail stickers.

Please note that the background in the images is grey to show the white details in the artwork. The actual nail sticker has a white backing sheet.

w to Apply:

  • Apply your base coat and base colour
  • Choose a sticker from the sheet
  • Carefully remove it with tweezers (be careful not to touch the glue)
  • Apply the sticker to your nail
  • Ensure it is completely adhered and there are no air bubbles trapped underneath
  • Apply your favourite top coat

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