Evolve Your Own Pokémon Custom Polish

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This listing is for one, full sized custom nail polish.

The base is sheer white with the option to add 3 or 4 extra ingredients for your own one of a kind polish. A name label will be supplied for you to name it yourself.

Optional extras are

- liquid pigments to colour the base, feel free to describe the colour you want so that Danglefoot has a good idea of what you’re after. Also if you're after a crelly, sheer, more opaque base would help (may be easier to indicate what you’re after by referring to another polish)

- scattered holo, holo flakes, silver holo flakes or linear holo pigment

- iridescent flakes, multichrome flakes, one colour metallic flakes

- magnetic pigments

- shimmers (may be easier to indicate what you’re after by referring to another polish)

- purple, grey, black, white, gold matte glitters, large and small

- neon dot glitters

- multichrome pigments

Please note that your email address will be provided to Danglefoot Polish so that they can contact you if the have questions regarding your custom polish.

Pictures will NOT be sent before shipping as it’s hard to get them accurate and it adds to the preparation time. If you are after an exact particular custom then this may not be the product for you, as for this you need to allow Danglefoot Polish a little creative leeway!

Please add what you're after in the comments when you order!

Limit 2 per customer. 

10 ml - Made in UK

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